What are the next titles we can expect?

The next books out in 2021 will include the next chapters of Mustang Tuesday Weekly, Maize #3, Friendly Belligerent Comics Spectacular #2, and two more chapters of Zines About Hoarding. The goal will be to have the first two of them in April 2021 for Denver’s Independent Comics and Art Expo, the third for May/June’s Denver Pop Culture Convention and the final two in June 2021 for Denver’s Zine Fest.

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Current releases!


Framed Travel Journal Pages Available for sale

These are the 6″ x 8″ pages from the 2017 “33-Day Travel Journal”
which are still available for sale:

All individual art pages
are framed in a 6″ x 8″ frame.

Each is a washed india ink on
bristol board piece.

Shipped flat in a frame,
by individual availability.

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Maize #3


In the summer of 1926, four unique individuals reach Central America, battling violent storms.
Bound for destiny.

This is their story, told in the hope that mankind may one day aspire to follow in their footsteps.

Join Anders, Bethanny, Sam, and Byron on their adventure as they encounter rough seas and treachery in this issue. Will they be able to remain loyal to one another?

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Mustang Tuesday Weekly

This 27 page comic is packaged together for the very first time in this format.

This is an auto-biographical (that’s a pun, see) narrative concerning a period of time of about a year moving from city to city and rebuilding a life, a car, and an artist’s mind. Originally posted online in a weekly format in 9-week installments.

The first three chapters of Mustang Tuesday Weekly, considering success, failure, art, and one classic car.

Be it now.


What is Friendly Belligerent?

Friendly Belligerent Comics are the comics of J. James McFarland.

The products featured here as of September 2020 are all-new, all fresh.