American flag and American axe: Off-Grid Artists india ink original #4


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Every week, Jay makes an original hand-drawn india ink drawing to help fund our homestead and hopefully buy a few sticks of lumber.

This image is created using india ink by brush, on heavy watercolor paper at the dimensions 8 1/2 by 11.

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This is the illustration from YouTube’s “Off-Grid Artists ep. 04 – deer and elk attack.” You can watch it online here:

This episode is a day in which Mary assesses the damage from the now-hungry wildlife eating us out of house and home.


We post videos on social media to encourage people to return to the land and make a living with your family. Our videos give tips and show our day to day experiences on our homestead. These off-grid topics will include: off-grid living; raising farm animals; homesteading; gardening; DIY projects; how to make money and live this lifestyle; freelance careers; off-grid sheep, chickens; cooking on a woodstove; art projects in progress; thoughts on the state of the world; the “whys” of why we live off-grid; sharing our beliefs and values to build a community.


Off-Grid Artists is a channel dedicated to day-to-day homesteading, artwork in progress, and topic of the day discussions. Since we have a wide range of interests the topic of the day could be anything. Politics and religion are NEVER taboo here, in fact we dive right into them! This is the streaming channel that supports building the conservative future and America you want to see.

This channel will show you the Good, Bad, and Reality of frugal Off-Grid Living from our Little House. Our passion is to blend the “old ways” with a modern twist so people like you can be more self-reliant, live an intentional life, and be a healthier you. We are living off-grid while working full time art and writing freelancing, it can be done!

Follow us for tips and homestead ideas as we take you on our journey. We are taking raw land and turning it into a thriving homestead full of animals, gardens, good food, and adventures. Come with us as we build our homestead, passionately expand our business, and grow our family.

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