Aric Thee Redd: Thee First Week


A 184 page black and white trade paperback collecting Aric Thee Redd #1-7


This is the compendium of all seven Aric Thee Redd 24-Hour Comics.

These are drawn annually in October at Time Warp in Boulder.

24 pages, 24 hours, ready… set… GO!

The progression of the skills of the artist are front and center as each chapter takes place in consecutive years. Watch as the first few unfocused and difficult chapters give way to the more skilled and strongly paced chapters later on in the book. 24 Hour Comics are fun.

Join Aric as he does it all! Fights, internal struggles, love. It’s all here.

Chapter One:
Join Aric as he enjoys a night out on the town away from work in “Things Which Are Good.”

Chapter Two:
Join Aric as he totally gets wrecked and fails at everything.

Chapter Three:
Join Aric as meets a vile villain and goes… to… the… MOON!

Chapter Four:
Join Aric in “Blue Beyond” as he heads for a swim, and meets Time Warp Comic’s own Tommy Timewarp and Company.

Chapter Five:
Join Aric as he meets a girl, settles down for a coffee, and gets to check out some rad new artwork.

Chapter Six:
Join Aric as he tries to “calmly” deal with the harassment of a co-worker in… “LOL bro, LOL.”

Chapter Seven:
Join Aric as he seeks his kitten among the crazy denizens of the real world and his own.


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